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Franke A1000 Bean to Cup Machine

Franke A1000 Bean to Cup Machine available for leasing or outright purchase.

Our Franke A1000 leasing package comes complete with water filter, milk fridge and full installation and training by a member of a Franke professional for an extremely competitive price. Simply get in touch with our team of coffee machine specialists here to find out more about coffee machine leasing, servicing and coffee supplies tailored to your personal requirements or give us a call on 01246 232 600.


The A1000 showcases impressive individuality for exceptional enjoyment and has five unique features that make for an incredible all-round machine.

Enjoy even more coffee varieties with six flavours (iQFlow™) – FoamMaster™ for dreamy milk foam, CleanMaster system included as standard and a fully interactive multimedia touchscreen.

The A1000 produces even larger quantities of drinks of all varieties with consistently outstanding quality, from all kinds of flavoured coffees and enticing chocolate creations to creative mixed coffee and chocolate drinks. The optional Flavour Station is ideal for adding an extra twist to beverages with up to six flavours is ideal for fruity mixed milk drinks and all manner of individual creations.

The multimedia interface offers almost unlimited possibilities, including top-quality video with excellent sound.

Up to now, professionals have relied mainly on the fineness of the grind to control the extraction quality. With iQFlow™, we have developed an intelligent technology that gives you access to a whole new level of flavour extraction and product consistency.