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1100 x 1 cup Gourmet Tea Bags

Brewing Hints: Infuse in freshly boiled water for three to four minutes

Leaf: Pekoe Fannings (Small Leaf)

Origin: Assam, East of the rift Kenya

Characteristics: A perfect blend of brightness, colour and strength. Our most popular blend.

Serving Suggestions: Best drunk with milk as an ‘all-day’ tea



As Brits, we drink 165 million cups of tea every single day, 96% of which is small leaf black tea in teabags. Every other speciality tea and herbal infusion fits into the remaining 4%. We have been making teabags at Northern Tea Merchants since 1965 and our Gourmet Tea is designed to be noticeably better quality than the popular brands available in the Supermarket.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the tea trade has enabled us to do this since the mid-60s. We sell these teabags to a very wide variety of wholesale customers, as well as to domestic users via this website or through our shop on Chatsworth Road.

Gourmet Tea (also known as Golden De Luxe Tea) is a blend of high-quality teas that varies throughout the year in order to provide a consistently good flavour, colour and brightness. Depending on their availability (and, to an extent, quality) at certain times of the year, the recipe and proportions of the constituents have to be varied. We keep records of our blends used for each production run that we check against new teas that are upcoming from source. We then make an offer based on our valuation of the new teas through one of our brokers. We order tea by the container-load, so the decision of that we buy and when is critical to be able to a) offer a consistent price, b) to offer a consistent quality, and c) to offer the consistent availability of supply.

Good quality tea is usually denser than its cheaper counterparts. A dense tea is critically important to efficient and fast production, so another criteria we use is to check a teas density in our tasting room. We use ISO standard test sieves and industry-standard test-tubes to correctly ascertain the density of a tea before we make a purchase.

This is our most popular blend. Our Gourmet Tea is a lovely tea that is perfect to drink at any time of the day. We also make approximately 60 million tea bags that contain this tea every single year.