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Hermosa Espresso Coffee Beans

Brewing Hints: Allow a mid 20 second extraction. The right grind should produce 30ml of coffee plus a foamy crema in this time.

Roast Depth: Medium Dark Roast

Origin: Ethiopia, India and South America

Characteristics: A sweet, vivid and refined espresso

Serving Suggestions: A perfectionist’s all-day espresso. The crema produced by this blend makes for delicious cappuccino and latte-macchiato.



A specially created blend to surpass other Super Crema coffees, our ‘Hermosa’ certainly lives up to that brief. This is a brilliant all-rounder giving a smooth body with a chocolate after taste, making it one of our most popular blends.

Many coffee aficionados understand that a good percentage of the flavour of an espresso is carried in its crema. The crema contains emulsified cafeol (the oily coating you see on dark coffee beans), which is drawn out of the beans by the nine atmospheres of pressure and all but boiling water that are produced by most espresso machines.

There are two or three traditional Italian brands that are held dear to the British espresso-bibbers heart and we have taken great pains to produce our own version of these coffees that we believe takes the flavour balance and cup-quality to the next level.

Blended coffees are often able to give a broader spread of characteristics than their single estate counter-parts. The balance of beans used in this blend is critical in giving it its flavour and producing an excellent crema that will further flavour the milk added to it when making a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Since we have introduced this blend we have been very pleasantly surprised at how our Hermosa Crema Deluxe has impressed and is now being stocked in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the country. We are also packing it into own label for a certain well-known London retailer (naming no names)!