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1100 x 1 cup Catering Tea Bags



There are a plethora of cheap teabags available in the catering marketplace all claiming to be suitable for caterers. The majority of these teabags are a significantly lower quality than those which many consumers would buy to drink at home.

These cheaper brands are made with a type of tea that is generally referred to as ‘reducer’. The role of a ‘reducer’ is to cheapen blends and hit a low price point. Often, ‘reducers’ are fibrous, dusty and of low quality flavour, which does not result in an enjoyable drink.

Our catering teabags are sold with the same maxim with which we sell all our teas – that they are better quality than their equivalents in the market-place. Our catering tea still produces a bright liquored flavoury cup and are still competitively priced against lower quality brands. We have found these teabags to be very popular with caterers particularly those who are concerned with selling a good quality product.